Is it time to upgrade your Siemens WinCC Software?

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If you are using older software, you may be at risk for cyber threats and also missing out on some new capabilities needed by your operators. WinCC software has evolved over time. Below is a list of the capabilities added over the years.

  • Increased performance, cyber security and Microsoft bug fixes
  • Improved capabilities in Microsoft Excel and Word for reports and analysis
  • Remote acces via browser with no software installation. Useful for managers, maintenance, engineers, and remote experts for troubleshooting
  • Improved integration with third-party operations management applications
  • Access to big data analytics, Data Lake and 3rd party cloud-based applications for predictive maintenance, quality analysis, machine learning and more
  • Ability to identify done-by checked-by for regulated industry applications
  • More scalable historical archiving
  • More flexible reporting system
  • Faster implementation time and reduce factory acceptance time
  • Flexible view and navigation within screens

Learn more about the power of WinCC 7.4 by clicking here.