Achieve|DE optimizes operations and increases productivity by eliminating operator cross-training and providing performance visibility.

A salt mining company with 13 sites spanning Texas to New York came to Achieve because they were constrained by their outdated SCADA system, which was unable to capture critical process data, didn’t have standardized operator workstations, and had poor reporting functionalities. All of this was causing excessive time spent on costly operator retraining and the creation of manual reports from limited process and performance data, which was having a negative impact on the company’s productivity and costs.

The Plant Manager, the company’s automation expert who was dealing with these difficulties daily, brought in Achieve|DE to fix the problem. We started by identifying the constraints in his current system and defined the goals his new SCADA system would need to achieve. We then scoped a Siemens SCADA system that closely met the out-of-the-box needs and could be configured by technical staff and was within budget.

Once approved by the Plant Manager, Achieve|DE demonstrated competence to Line of Business stakeholders, who needed to understand how their investment would deliver time-and-cost reductions. After seeing the impact, a world-class SCADA system would have on their bottom-line, they opted to test the system in one plant.

Combined with a Siemens Process Historian for central archiving, and a Siemens Information Server for reporting and visualization of archived data, the new system gave this manufacturer greater visibility into their process. Using the new, insightful information, the Plant Manager reduced variability and shortened their product’s time-to-market. With LOB stakeholders realizing the Siemens advantage, they decided to work with Achieve|DE to roll out Siemens SCADA systems to the remaining 12 plants. The company is confident their investment in Siemens will further optimize operations and will fully eliminate the need for operator cross-training across multiple sites.

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Achieve|DE helps Oil Field Services company by meeting strict customer requirements through a seamless SCADA implementation

Success Story 2

One of the world’s largest oil field services companies was searching for a SCADA solution to help optimize their land-based drilling production by archiving both process and operator data. They required their new SCADA system to be able to communicate bi-directionally with a SQL database, and to be Windows-based to accommodate SQL database interfacing.

To meet this customer’s needs, Achieve|DE designed a solution that worked through the Siemens TIA portal and mapped to the SQL database—choosing the Siemens WinCC Professional system combined with the Industrial Data Bridge(IDB) add-on. IDB securely transmits data from WinCC Professional to the SQL database for a bi-directional flow of information.

WinCC Professional works within TIA Portal making it easy to configure and deploy SCADA level functionality in conjunction with control functionality, which was a benefit to this customer as they were already using Siemens TIA Portal to program and deploy all their PLCs and operator panels. Since Siemens WinCC Professional SCADA package also resides within the TIA Portal, it was a seamless transition for them to develop and deploy this application.

With a holistic system in place and a smooth implementation experience that met the customer’s goals, other product groups within the organization wanted to evaluate the system in their departments as well. This OEM is now planning to implement 20-30 new systems in 2018, and 400-500 systems in the next 3 years.

Achieve|DE specialists are adept at scoping inventive solutions that help companies reach their digital enterprise goals.

Achieve|DE’s software specialists have years of experience developing automation solutions for manufacturers, and our parent company, AWC, is a leader in the industrial automation space. One particularly innovative solution developed by Achieve specialists was developed for an oil and gas frack truck fueling company. For many years, they utilized a dangerous and time-consuming fueling method that involved filling trucks up while they were running. For obvious reasons, they wanted to automate this entire process.

An entire automation solution was designed using Siemens software and hardware to monitor the fueling process remotely, which was significantly safer and reduced time for all involved. Because of the amount of money this new process saved, the fueling company was able to create a new service for trucking companies. They then decided to take it to the next level by implementing an IoT system that gave transparency into the process for their customers.

With continued success on every step of their automation journey, this manufacturer is now exploring ways to use data to identify problems with trucks, and to communicate with Line of Business functions, like billing. Achieve software specialists thrive on building solutions that enable manufacturers to achieve their business goals and bring a wealth of knowledge to every project.

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