Plant Data Bridge and Application Server to Manage IT and OT Integration

Integration and maintenance of plant data from the sensor up to plant applications can be messy and time-consuming. The Industrial Data Bridge connects all of the plant floor including PLC, SCADA, condition monitoring and mobile data in a common repository that can be used to feed all client applications and users. Put it in once and use it for all the operations management applications in the plant.

Benefits include:

  • Minimize software layers required to provide information to users
  • A common tag naming and plant-to-enterprise data model
  • Abstraction of application information from the communication required to connect to the sensor or control system. Changes in either maintain the connection.
  • Data transformation -calculations, event detection, alarming and corresponding actions
  • Reduced network traffic due to a publish and subscribe communications
  • An object-oriented environment allows the creation of templates and standards for which applications and communications are developed and maintained
  • Management of real-time plant floor data and historical information in a single database
  • High performance data access and security maintained a single system
  • Visualization of information- displays, video, trends, dashboards and reports
Data Bridge Diagram