Hybrid Process Control System

Are you considering a DCS solution but you find it is too expensive for your plant? Is safety, reliability and cost of ownership important to your team? Then you should consider this process control solution built for operations like yours.

In the past, plants needed to make a choice of whether to apply SCADA or DCS depending on the type of application- process or distributed systems. Not anymore. This solution combines the highly productive, object-oriented SCADA environment of Siemens WinCC Open Architecture (OA) with the Siemens 1500 and 400 H controllers and industrial networking products working together to provide a seamless system for safe and efficient execution and operations management of industrial processes. The solution is a great fit for small and medium-size process plants of any type.

Practical Alternative to DCS 1

Advantages of using the solution include:

  • Time Savings - Pre-engineering templates and face plates for use in process industries
  • Unified Environment - Integrated for lockstep control between supervisory and control environment
  • Multiple Process - Able to integrate and control both process and discrete equipment
  • Fault Tolerant - Redundant at every level (Control, Supervisory and Networks)
  • Scalable - Solution can handle thousands of tags and control loops
  • Secure - Cyber secure, defense in-depth at every level
The engineering environment includes objects and faceplates with corresponding Siemens PLC code blocks to implement the following devices:
Practical Alternative to DCS 2
  • Digital I/O
  • Power Breakers
  • Analog Transmitters
  • Two-way valves
  • Control Valves
  • VFD controlled pumps
  • Single speed pumps
  • Sitran UPS
  • Power Meters
  • Simocode smart motor starters
  • Sitop UPS systems

In addition, the solution has panels and control managers to implement the following advanced control system features:

  • Dynamic Panel Topology navigation that automatically builds a modern looking menu system with tabbed top layer navigation and dynamic sub menu buttons with animation
  • Fully custom alarm window that is interchangeable with the product alarm panel. The alarm manager has the following features:

- Compatible with distributed systems

- Custom control manager that simplifies adding scripts to alarm events

- Pop up window notification on user selected alarms

- SMTP email (and SMS text) notification on user selected alarms

- PC audio notifications on selected alarm priorities

- Works with distributed systems

- Plays audio on the client PC, not the server

- Supports different audio sounds for different priority alarms

- Alarm filtering with customizable tabs

- Custom panel topology

Alarm Shelving

Context sensitive alarm details. Highlighting an alarm in the alarm table will display additional details related to the alarm. This simplifies the alarm table and reduces the amount of irrelevant information displayed in a given moment.


Alarm frequency analysis functionality

Export to CSV file library to simplify generating simple reports from trend graphs or generic datapoint picker dialogs. The reports generated by this library report transmitter values at a user selected frequency instead of the time-based tags generated by the variable trend panel export to CSV function. The frequency method the library implements is compatible with fundamental spreadsheet functionality and automated trending/charts. Capabilities include:

  • Custom trend view panel with export to CSV and export to .png image buttons. These buttons export the currently viewed data to an image file or a frequency-based CSV file.
  • Example generic report panel that selects start and end dates and preconfigured reports to export data to CSV files
  • Generic report panel that is aware of the library datatypes and enables the end user to select devices from a dropdown list and add to a report. This panel also allows the user to select the start and end date/times and select the frequency of the reporting


The Organization behind the Solution

Solid State Automation and Controls has partnered with Achieve|DE to provide this turn-key solution to the process industry. Locally owned and operated, Solid State Automation and Controls has the knowledge and expertise to help with your automation and control system needs. Established in 2009 and based out of Houston TX, the principals of SSAC have over 20 years industry experience.

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