Condition Monitoring (CM) for Early Stage Detection in Mechanical Equipment

CM monitors the mechanical components of motors, generators, pumps, fans and gear units by utilizing new low cost, real-time controllers with integrated Condition Monitoring to significantly reduced the cost to proactively managing equipment reliability and to increase utilization. Used for predictive maintenance, this solution detects significant changes in operating parameters as a result of wear and can consequently detect early stage failures, enabling maintenance activities to be better planned and carried out on schedule.

The goal is to identify equipment problems before they become catastrophic and diagnoses the problems to know what to repair, adjust or replace. This allows you to monitor to identify problems early and bring in experts to diagnose the source and additionally to diagnose the source to know what to repair, adjust or replace.

Benefits include:

  • Easy application to existing machinery
  • Early detection of mechanical damage using onboard analysis
  • Built-in diagnostics and visualization, trend analysis for experts
  • Simple localization of damage using fingerprint comparison
  • Recording with time stamp of trend values, raw data, frequency spectra and alarms
  • Long Term Archiving for future comparison
  • Notification of alarms through text and or email