Maintenance Tech Enablement through Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality displays information relevant to nearby process equipment on mobile and wearable devices. Users simply point their device camera at equipment to display related live process data (from PLC, SCADA or ODBC compliant systems) as well as active links to documents, schematics, videos, and forms. QR codes are used to identify equipment or process areas, also known as Points of Interest or POIs. AR capable Apple IOS devices and Microsoft HoloLens view the POI resources in an AR Scene that, once created, is persistent across all similar devices. The solution also contains a form creator and event notification feature. iQagent is available for use on mobile devices such as Windows tablets, iPad, iPhone and Android as well as wearables.

Benefits include:

  • Maintenance Staff have instant access to all relevant manuals, schematics and documentation
  • Engineers and Technicians view live process data from PLCs, SCADA, and Production Databases, based on where they are working in the plant.
  • Production Supervisors ‘show’ downtime and process issues to offsite resources, rather than waiting for them to arrive while production is stopped.
  • Managers and Executives stay on top with live KPIs right on their smart phone or tablet, anywhere they have a connection to the plant network.
  • Create visualizations and instrumentation faceplates in an AR scene around assets in the plant/field that iQagent users can see
  • Use Forms to create procedures and shareable checklists on the fly
Solutions iQAgent

For Equipment Manufacturers this means:

  • Opportunity to wow customers and win new customer loyalty
  • Establish new revenue sources
  • Reduced warranty and service support cost
  • Ability to provide differentiated value

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)