About US


Achieve|DE was given birth by our parent company who has been supporting Plant Operational and Informational Technologies in the industrial, municipal and power utility markets for over 50 years.

In addition to our expertise in Digital Plant software and services, our team has in-depth knowledge of the entire plant infrastructure, from the actual plant equipment up through the sensors, real-time controls.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Operational Intelligence/Excellence Dashboards, ERP/MES Integration


Manufacturing Enterprise System

IT/OT Integration, Predictive Analytics, ISA-95, ISA-99 (Cyber Security)



Intelligent systems which monitor, measure, control and optimize discrete, batch and continuous processes, i.e. DCS, SCADA, HMIs, PLCs, RTUs, Industrial Computers, Motion Control, ISA-88.


Analytical & Instrumentation

Smart devices which measure and transmit process information, i.e., Chemical composition, Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow, etc., back into the automation systems, including Safety Systems, ISA-84 (IPF).


Automated Valves & Flow Control

Smart devices that control the actual flow of process materials, which are often controlled by the automation system, i.e., including critical service applications, ISA-84.


Process Filtration, Clarification & Compression

Smart process equipment used to process fluids and gases using real-time controls, instrumentation and automated valves to monitor, measure and control flow.