Empowering Organizations to Lead with Insight

  • Real-time performance visibility: Personnel – Materials – Equipment
  • Align Suppliers & Plants for Maximum Customer Loyalty

Achieving DIGITAL

The Goal

Improve profit throughput; from the acquisition of materials, through an array of value added processes, to the on-time delivery of products desired by your customers.

Every business has constraints, both internal and external. Improving profit throughput starts with giving your team the right tools to identify and address personnel, equipment and inventory constraints in real-time.

Our goal is to help you deploy the right innovations (technology and work processes) to give your team the insights they need to achieve your goal.

Get started on your DE journey today without Risk or Cost

  • Goals and Priorities Review
  • Requirements Survey
  • Proof of Concept Demonstration
  • Trial Software

Your Digital Enterprise Strategy starts with answering some fundamental questions

  • Which business priorities can we effectively address with our existing infrastructure?
  • How do we interface Plant Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT) ?
  • How do we implement securely? (Secure Intranets and/or Secure Internet of Things)
  • What can we do to deploy fast, begin to learn and build incremental value with minimal upfront risk?
  • How do we scale? (Small to Large, Simple to Complex, Local to Remote)

Industry 4.0

Take a step toward the next industrial revolution with Industry 4.0 and secure your competitiveness with scalable solutions. Now is the time to start – become a digital enterprise to stay ahead of the competition.


Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 Design Principles



Ethernet and Browser access inside the firewall or via the Secure Industrial Internet of Things*



Adapt to changing requirements via modular software and hardware



Data for immediate Operational Insight, TEEP/OOE and Predictive Analytics



Linking physical processes with simulation models during design, build, training and operation



Smart, Secure Facilities/Plants with remote operations



Lease vs. sell via the Secure Industrial Internet of Services